A state-of-the-art,

Innovative, private school.

Located in the beautiful, natural setting of Muskoka. Meeting the needs of students from
throughout Ontario and across the globe, today and for generations to come.

I support...

  • The creation of 200+ jobs
  • Protecting the Henry Marsh
  • Competitive student education in the digital age
  • Minimizing development to protect the environment
  • Increasing tourism for our hospitality and tourism businesses
  • More tax dollars for the Town of Bracebridge
  • Muskoka Royale College
  • Learn more about the Town of Bracebridge’s analysis of Georgian College.

Muskoka Royale College (MRC) will be a Canadian funded and designed school, nearly unique in its purpose of providing students with an education that will prepare them to live and work in the Digital Age.

It is the founder, George Chen's, vision to create a private school as his legacy project, a school which future generations of his family will be proud of.

In doing so, George recognizes that this will be a long-term project, and is quite prepared to make the investments that are necessary to construct a beautiful campus, create a world-class educational environment, and build the reputation of this school to one which will attract students from throughout the GTA, across the rest of Ontario, from elsewhere in Canada and the U.S., and from across the globe.